Who is NativShark?

We're a team that linked up thanks to our globally connected online world.

We're committed to making high-level fluency and multilingual-ness accessible for everyone — no matter where you are — and helping the world become a more connected, friendlier place.

We are working toward a version of the future where we're brought together by our differences and interests, rather than driven apart, a future where we can all fully celebrate the multicultural world in which we live.

It's time language education caught up and was brought into the 2020's.

Let's swim together

Meet the Team

CalebCo-founder, CEO

From Washington, USA, Caleb oversees how NativShark looks and functions as a whole, making sure that our high-quality lessons and cutting-edge technology merge into one seamless and effective platform. He also makes sure the company runs smoothly.

NikoCo-founder, President

Before diving full-time into NativShark, Niko did writing and translating work for various Japanese publishers. He decides what lessons we teach and when, and he's written over 1,000 of them himself. He grew up in California, USA.

ReiCo-founder, Lead Japanese Editor

Born and raised in Tokyo, Rei is the mastermind behind the Japanese you see on NativShark. She ensures that we teach a wide variety of natural Japanese and that our translations and lessons are always accurate.

ChieCo-founder, Lead Artist

Chie grew up in Kumamoto, makes the fantastic art we see on the site, and helps in ensuring that our Japanese sentences and audio sound natural. You'll often find her in our community helping students with their specific questions about Japanese.


Jacob is from Oregon, USA, and leads our tech team. He has played a major part in developing the technology that sets NativShark apart from all other language-learning resources. He now oversees back-end and front-end programming.

ChengaizDigital Media Manager

Chengaiz is a true modern nomad. Having lived and worked in a little bit of everywhere, he hails from Toronto, Canada. He works closely with the whole team making sure the NativShark online media presence is always fun, engaging, helpful and welcoming.

TyContent Editor

Ty makes sure that all the English and Japanese appearing on NativShark is free of errors. One of our earliest students, he managed to pass the JLPT N1 in just under 4 years. He is from Connecticut, USA.

BenFront-end Engineer

Ben is our front-end engineer from Ontario. He has helped make a lot of the great tools we have to help you reach fluency.

FemiFullstack Developer

Femi is a fullstack developer, working on both the front-end and back-end of the NativShark system. He is from Nigeria and offers yet another great perspective to our global team.

ManuelBack-end Developer

Manuel has been living in Fukuoka for quite some time now, and is originally from Columbia. He joins as a back-end developer and brings his love of learning not only programming, but languages too, which helps make him a perfect fit for our team.

Looking to join the team?

We are always looking for talented, passionate people to help us change the global landscape of language learning. We are currently seeking part-time lesson writers. Send an email to jobs@nativshark.com to start the conversation.

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