Frequently Asked Questions

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NativShark is a work in progress and we're currently rolling out our main feature set. Check back every week as new content and features are added.

General Questions

Are the dates and releases in the roadmap accurate and feasible?

Is NativShark a “get-fluent-quick” scheme?

Can I see a general outline of the learning system?

What are all of the different features?

How much does it cost?

Account & Subscription Settings

What are the different subscription levels?

Can I cancel or pause a subscription?

What happens if I had an older NihongoShark account?

How do I change my profile pic?

I'm used to the old NihongoShark. Where are all of the different courses?

What are "Extra Credit" lessons?

Vocab, Dictionary, & Localization

How much vocab will you teach?

How do you determine what vocabulary is "useful" or "common"?

How will your dictionary work?

Are there plans for Japanese-Japanese localization?

The Pace Slider

How does the pace slider work?

Can I change the slider's setting at any time?

Will the pace slider block me from learning more?

Will it have annoying notifications bugging me to study?

What if I miss a day?

Can I suspend my account?

Can I turn off the pace slider?

Will NativShark prepare me for the JLPT?

Why is stuff color coded in the lessons?

Flashcard / SRS Related

How was the content for your flashcards/vocab sourced?

Are words shown in order of frequency?

Why did you decide to make your own flashcard system?

How will the new system help with things like kanji?