How do I learn

Every person who has ever mastered a language has done so by getting consistent, high volumes of level-appropriate exposure to it.

If you fly to Japan and try to learn Japanese by immersion, you'll feel like you're drowning. Because the Japanese around you will be far too difficult.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are lots of learning materials for beginners — books, courses, etc. But these materials don't build up to high-level fluency.

But what if we could have both? What if you could start with one Japanese-learning resource as a beginner and follow it all the way up to highly advanced levels?

That's what we provide at NativShark.

What makes us different.

NativShark makes obtaining near-native fluency as simple as checking your Facebook or Instagram account every day.

Each day, we teach you Japanese built on what you've already learned. Our system works in the background to make sure you remember what you've learned, study the right content, and keep moving forward.

To achieve fluency, all you have to do is show up.

All of our content is developed by teams of both native and non-native speakers. This way, we can ensure that you're learning 100% natural Japanese in relatable and interesting lessons.

Your path to fluency.

Learning Japanese with NativShark may be simple, but it won't be easy. And it will take longer than "a few minutes a day," which we think is an unethical promise to be making to learners of the language.

Our system takes you through 4 phases on your journey to true* fluency, each of which are rooted in 1 guiding principle.

* This refers to a much higher level than the "fluency" of just being able to hold simple conversations.

Phase One

Journey to the Dōjō

Absolute Beginner → Beginner

The world of this new language is rife with challenges too great to face just yet. You are no match for the beasts lurking in the shadows.

But there is hope. You hear word of a dōjō deep in the ocean, a place where you can gain the skills and knowledge to survive these wild waters. And so, you set off on your journey. The way is long. But the path is clear.

What You'll Do

  • Get to know the NativShark system and why it's effective
  • Equip yourself with must-know travel Japanese
  • Familiarize yourself with the Japanese writing system, including:
    • All of the kana (i.e. the Japanese "alphabet")
    • What kanji are, how they work, and how to learn them
  • Start pronouncing Japanese accurately
  • Form simple sentences in Japanese
  • Establish a solid grammar foundation
    • Particles, parts of speech, conjugations, etc.
  • Introduce yourself in Japanese (in a face-to-face lesson)

What's Inside


Meaningful Lessons


Native Sentences

Phase Two

Master the Arts

Beginner → Intermediate

The journey to the dōjō was fraught with perils. You overcame them. You are stronger than you were when you left home. Wiser. But it's not enough.

The master of the dōjō agrees to teach you. And so, your training begins. The days are long and hard. And they are many. You persist.

What You'll Do

  • Become capable of acing the JLPT N4
  • Learn most of the kanji you'll need for everyday life
  • Feel comfortable on your own in a Japanese environment
  • Have rewarding conversations with teachers, friends, and family
  • Begin understanding some types of Japanese media
  • Produce natural-sounding Japanese sounds and sentences

What's Inside


Meaningful Lessons


Native Sentences

Phase Three

Defeat the Monsters

Intermediate → Advanced

Your hard work has won you new skills, knowledge, and the respect of your teacher. "You are ready to leave the dōjō," he says. But beware, vicious beasts swim the ocean. They will seek to destroy you.

Defeat them, however, and you will be free to travel in peace, to explore the once-forbidden depths. Prepared with new tools and skills, you set off.

What You'll Do

  • Become capable of acing JLPT N2
  • Express complex ideas in Japanese
  • Finish learning all common sentence patterns
  • Deconstruct Japanese of any difficulty
  • Understand and enjoy some forms of Japanese media

What's Inside


Meaningful Lessons


Native Sentences

Phase Four

Follow Your Destiny

Advanced → Near-Native

You have slain the monsters that once plagued the waters. It is an opportunity for reflection. Having the freedom to go anywhere you wish, you have a choice to make: Which path will I take now?

Will you seek out more mythical beasts to defeat? Or will you settle in to the home that was always out of reach? It is not a decision to be made lightly, but it is a decision you will make with joy.

What You'll Do

  • Become capable of acing JLPT N1
  • Function normally in personal and professional situations
  • Enjoy all types of Japanese media
  • Dive deep into topic-specific language specialties
  • Confidently proclaim that you are fluent in Japanese

What's Inside


Meaningful Lessons


Native Sentences

The One Principle

Never stop.

A shark never stops swimming. You never stop studying Japanese.

Don't get us wrong. You can have a life. You can learn other things. But you cannot go a single day without visiting NativShark and taking a look at what we have prepared for you that day.

You don't have to plan your studies. You don't have to worry about how much you've learned, forgotten, or have yet to learn. We will shoulder all of that mental weight for you. But we can't make you show up. That part is in your hands.

Swim, swim, swim. You are crossing an ocean.

The tools you'll be using

In addition to the 1,400+ lessons and 11,000+ native sentences mentioned above, the following tools of ours will prove crucial to your success.

Spaced-Repetition System

Our system will do the heavy lifting for you. By consistently reviewing information when we ask you to, you'll remember everything naturally.

Shadow Loops

Shadowing is an effective way to fine-tune your listening comprehension, pronunciation, and make speaking effortless. We make it easy to listen to audio loops at any time, anywhere, customized precisely to your needs.

Comprehensive Quizzes & Tests

While you'll be able to see your progress organically, sometimes it's nice to put yourself to the test. We provide tests and quizzes on everything, including kanji, conjugations, and the JLPT.

In-Depth Statistics

We make it easy to see what you've done every day, what you still need to do, and how much time you are spending on your studies.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test