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Travel Japanese Lessons

Learn to confidently travel in Japan with the first section of our introductory course to learn Japanese. There are 34 lessons in addition to learning how to read and write Japanese. Travel Japanese is just the beginning of your journey to becoming fluent, as later lessons will build off the knowledge and time you've spent here!

Learn the Japanese "Alphabet"

Master hiragana and katakana, the two syllabaries that form the modern Japanese writing system. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of both in an intuitive and interactive way, with comprehension tests, quizzes and audio from native Japanese speakers to help you get the hang of it.

Sentence Audio

Individual sentences spoken by real people, rather than generated procedurally from a computer. There's no better way to improve your Japanese than to hear it from native speakers themselves!

Verb Conjugation Drills

Test yourself with a variety of drills designed to make you comfortable conjugating verbs into various forms seamlessly. Conjugation is an important part of learning to speak Japanese, and our tool makes this process a straightforward one.

Shadow Loops

Shadowing is an effective way to fine-tune your pronunciation, improve your listening comprehension, and make speaking feel natural and effortless. We make it easy to listen to looped Japanese audio at any time, anywhere, customized precisely to your needs.

Progress Dashboard

Keep track of your progress with our user-friendly dashboard, which offers in-depth statistics on your time spent with NativShark. We make it easy to see what you've done every day, what you still need to do, and how much time you are spending on your studies.

Immersive Artwork

Lose yourself in our beautifully presented platform, with bespoke artwork that not only gives context to individual lessons but also works to give your journey a befitting sense of scale, adventure, and wonder.

Light and Dark Mode

With light and dark modes both available, NativShark gives you the flexibility to study at any time of the day, in any environment, on any device. We’ve made both modes so beautiful, you’ll want to use both interchangeably.

The NativShark Community

NativShark doesn’t just have the best platform to learn new languages, it also has the best community to help you achieve your fluency goals. With over 2,000 people in our Discord community, there’s always someone around to help out with your studies if you ever have a question.

The whole NativShark team is on Discord as well, so if you have a question for the development team or want to report a bug, we’re very easy to reach. Or if you just want to ask us what our favorite type of shark is, we’re here for that too!