NativShark breaks down high-level fluency into 4 simple phases and 1 principle.


Absolute Beginner → Beginner

Speak must-know travel Japanese

Read and write the Japanese syllabaries

Pronounce Japanese sounds accurately

Construct Japanese sentences

Build a grammar foundation for accelerated progress


Beginner → Intermediate

Read most of the kanji needed for daily life in Japan

Start feeling comfortable in Japanese-speaking environments

Hold rewarding conversations with teachers, friends, and family

Interact with Japanese media without getting overwhelmed

Pronounce Japanese sentences like native speakers


Intermediate → Advanced

Express complex ideas in Japanese

Finish learning all commonly used sentence patterns

Deconstruct Japanese of any difficulty

Enjoy some forms of Japanese media


Advanced → Near-Native

Function normally in personal and professional situations

Enjoy all types of Japanese media

Dive deep into topic-specific language specialties


Never stop.

A shark never stops swimming. You never stop studying.

How you’ll achieve fluency

1,400+ Lessons

Go from zero to near-native proficiency with sentence- and audio-packed lessons crafted by teams of native and non-native speakers.

We teach the types of things Japanese people actually say and write, in addition to the grammatical patterns taught in traditional classrooms.

Comprehension Tracking

Keep track of how well you understand a lesson by reading it with English translations and furigana removed.

Easily revisit lessons that you found especially interesting, difficult, etc.

Intelligent Flashcards

Sentences from lessons you read automatically get added to your flashcard queue.

Spaced repetition ensures that you continue making forward progress, never forgetting the language you've learned.

Shadow Loops

Boost your pronunciation and listening comprehension by hearing Japanese sentences repeated over and over.

Create custom shadow-loop playlists with the sentences you want to master, each of them repeated however many times you want.

Dynamic Dashboard

Keep track of your progress to fluency. Build learning streaks by completing your assigned tasks each day.

See what you've learned, what's up next, and how much you have left to complete in each phase.

Advanced Statistics

Our robust system shows you how much you've learned, how long it's taking each day — basically any type of stat you'd want to know regarding your studies.

And so much more...

Smart FuriganaSee more

Our system gradually removes furigana from words that you already know so that you learn to read Japanese (with kanji) naturally.

Verb ConjugatorSee more

You can't speak Japanese unless you can conjugate verbs into a variety of forms at high speed. This tool helps you do just that.

"My Pace" SliderSee more

Decide how quickly you want to become fluent in Japanese, and our system will tell you how much to study each day to achieve this goal.

Notes & BookmarksSee more

Take personal notes, bookmark lessons, and highlight content that you want to come back to later.

Custom FlashcardsSee more

Build your own flashcard decks and we'll integrate them into your learning plan.

Quizzes & TestsSee more

Solidify your understanding and productive ability by completing critical-thinking exercises, JLPT tests, and more.

Study CustomizationSee more

Change what order you hear the male and female audio, or choose if you want to review first or go through new lessons first.

CommunitySee more

Get help from fellow students and NativShark staff at any hour of the day.

Actually effective.

I stumbled across your program online a couple of years ago and was immediately hooked by the way the lessons were written. The lessons were very easy to read and understand (love the personal touches and humour), the online platform is great to be able to see and track learning progress, the content is so much everyday Japanese that I was able to immediately use and talk to some Japanese friends straight away.

- Jenny C

Incredibly comprehensive.

The great thing about using NativShark is that it explains some things that are fundamental to the language, and yet I hadn’t understood 3 years into my studies. This is such valuable information, and very well explained. I finally understand transitive and intransitive verbs.

- Chris L

Simple and straightforward.

I have studied Japanese on and off for over 20 years, but I have never seen such a concise, well thought out, easy to follow and relevant lesson with real world examples that can be used daily.

- Jim K

Don't wait any longer, learn Japanese.