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    How good can I get at Japanese?

    "Fluency" is an ill-defined concept. For some, it means translating professionally. For you, it might just mean enjoying Japanese video games.
    What is your goal?
    Tell our system how fast you want to reach it, and it'll tell you what to study each day.
    Recommended. This is pretty normal.
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    Your current pace is 4 years, which is about 1 unit of study per day.

    What if learning was simple?

    Jumping between books, classes, and apps is both inefficient and ineffective.
    What if, instead, there were only two steps to learning a language?
    1. Log in to my dashboard
    2. Hit "Study Now"

    Don't go it alone.

    The path, though clear, is long.
    If you're not careful, some nasty voices can sneak into your head along the way.
    We can fend them off together.

    Fluency in reach.

    Simplicity applies to our payment options as well. Whether you want to pay monthly, yearly, or pay once, we have plans that suit your needs.
    $29.99 per month
    $185.88 per year
    $1,500 once

    Actually effective.

    I stumbled across your program online a couple of years ago and was immediately hooked by the way the lessons were written. The lessons were very easy to read and understand (love the personal touches and humour), the online platform is great to be able to see and track learning progress, the content is so much everyday Japanese that I was able to immediately use and talk to some Japanese friends straight away.
    - Jenny C

    Incredibly comprehensive.

    The great thing about using NativShark is that it explains some things that are fundamental to the language, and yet I hadn’t understood 3 years into my studies. This is such valuable information, and very well explained. I finally understand transitive and intransitive verbs.
    - Chris L

    Simple and straightforward.

    I have studied Japanese on and off for over 20 years, but I have never seen such a concise, well thought out, easy to follow and relevant lesson with real world examples that can be used daily.
    - Jim K

    If you're ready, we'd love to learn with you.