What is NativShark?

NativShark is a language education platform that takes students from zero to near-native proficiency in a language.
It makes learning a language as simple as logging in, clicking a single button, and then interacting with whatever it puts in front of you.
As a live, continually updated service, it is always evolving to better address students' needs.
Working on a NativShark story?
Members of the press can contact us at press@nativshark.com.
"I would start learning a new language, study anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of years, feel like I was getting nowhere, then quit. And then I'd feel guilty about quitting.
But why weren't things working for me? I couldn't get the problem out of my head. Eventually, I found something that worked for me with Japanese. I shared it, and it worked for thousands of other people. It seemed I was on to something.
With the help of my cofounders, NativShark began to take shape — an education platform that flipped the idea of a language being difficult on its head."
Nicholas "Niko" Walker
Co-founder & President

The Facts

What languages can you learn on NativShark?
At the moment, only Japanese. But we have big plans.

Who are the founders?
Caleb Andersen: CEO
Nicholas "Niko" Walker: President
Rei Walker: Japanese Content Architect
Chie Andersen: Chief Creative Officer
Wait, the founders are two couples?
Yep! Niko & Rei met in Tokyo in 2013 and started teaching Japanese together online shortly after. Caleb & Chie met in North Dakota in 2015, right around when Caleb began studying Japanese. He and Niko met online, and the rest is history.
What is the company's vision statement?
A more understanding, connected and multilingual future.

Can I talk to some students?
Of course. In our community, you can talk to any member of our company, in addition to our students.
Who has invested in the company?
We have not accepted any outside investments at this time. We're entirely self-funded.

What makes NativShark different?
We do not make promises to students that we cannot keep. It is not a "get fluent quick" scheme. Working your way through our system will take time and dedication. With that said, we do make what some would describe to be audacious promises: Near-native fluency in a language all within a single platform. Students do not need to plan or organize their path to proficient ability. They just need to show up and click "Study Now." See our process page for more info.
Where is the company located?
Our two main offices are in Bellevue, Washington and Fukuoka, Japan. We also have employees in Canada, and Nigeria. Altogether, our first 10 team members have passports from 7 different nations. Maintaining a global perspective is deeply important to our company and its mission.

“If I had not run into NativShark the day I started studying Japanese, I'm not sure where I would be right now. Thanks to them, I passed the N1 in just under 4 years of study, and even got to a level where they ended up hiring me as a Writer. I couldn't be more grateful to the core team for bringing me to where I am today.”
Ty Kelly
Former Student &