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What's included

Core lesson content

NativShark lessons are written by a native speaker of Japanese along with a non-native speaker who reached an advanced level of proficiency as an adult. This ensures that we teach natural Japanese while framing concepts in a way that a student is likely to understand and appreciate.

Core flashcards

Our review system uses a custom-built spaced repetition system (SRS) algorithm. This means you only see sentences when you might be in danger of forgetting them, which has been scientifically proven to improve retention.

Native dialogues

The end of each unit features a dialogue containing only concepts you've already learned. All audio is spoken at natural speed, which improves listening much more than slowed-down audio.

Progression System

Learn at your own pace. You set your review threshold and the system adjusts your learning path.


See what you've studied recently, what's coming up, and your study stats.

Study tracking

Build up a large number of Days Studied to earn new badges and stay motivated throughout your studies.

Kana quizzes

Reinforce your understanding of both hiragana and katakana any time.

Conjugation drills

Test yourself on your knowledge of verb conjugations. Our conjugation drill tool covers every possible stem-change in the language.

Light and dark mode

Sometimes you just want to study in bed, lights off, away from the world. Other times you might be sitting outside at your favorite café. With light and dark modes, both of these are easy on the eyes.

Shadow loops

Listen to repeated audio recordings of the sentences you've learned. Set the number of times the sentence repeats, as well as the gender of the voice actor. You can also create your own custom shadow loop albums to drill the exact sentences you'd like to work on.

Immersion Tracker

Track your ‘Native Material’ studies and ‘Speaking Practice’ activities. Then see your time spent on a these activities go up and up! It can be incredibly motivating to keep track of how much Japanese you've been exposed to in the wild.

Custom flashcards

You can create custom flashcards based on the Japanese that you encounter out in the real world. Build one central hub for learning and reviewing all language content.

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