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/ yr

Lite Includes
  • Live Travel Japanese lessons (all the Japanese to confidently travel in Japan)
  • Live Kana learning system (read the Japanese "alphabet")
  • Live Beautiful hand-drawn artwork to enhance your study experience
  • Live Example sentence audio
  • Live Verb conjugation drills
  • Live Dashboard and progression (save & resume progress between study sessions)
  • 2020 SRS for flashcards (Core 3k vocab)
  • 2020 Pace slider progression system, which is a scheduler tool for reaching fluency
  • 2020 Phase one Japanese lessons (Absolute Beginner → Beginner)
  • 2020 Phase two Japanese lessons (Beginner → Intermediate)
  • 2020 Phase three Japanese lessons (Intermediate → Advanced)
  • 2020 Phase four Japanese lessons (Advanced → Near Native)
  • 2020 Robust search, NativShark dictionary, and cross reference tool




/ yr

Basic Includes
  • Live Everything in "Lite" subscription tier
  • Live Unlimited listen time for Shadow Loops
  • Live Interactive Japanese alphabet comprehension tests and quizzes
  • Live Custom Shadow Loop album creation
  • 2020 A trainer to help with katakana speed reading and pronunciation
  • 2020 Special community Discord emotes and study statistics sharing integration
  • 2020 Custom notes, bookmarks and highlights
  • 2020 Dialogue quizzes and response training
  • 2020 Save today and next day's studies offline
  • 2020 Basic study statistics
  • 2020 Smart furigana
  • 2020 My profile customization
  • 2020 English audio to accompany all shadow loops and example sentences




/ yr

Premium Includes
  • Live Everything in "Lite" and "Basic" subscription tier
  • Live Pitch Accent Visualizer
  • Live Custom flashcard decks
  • 2020 Advanced reading comprehension tools
  • 2020 Kanji tests and quizzes
  • 2020 Extra credit (level-appropriate native materials guide)
  • 2020 Save this week's studies offline
  • 2020 Advanced stats and streak tracking
  • 2020 Dashboard themes
  • 2020 Auto light mode / dark mode based on time of day
  • 2020 Extra special discord emotes and roles
  • 2020 "Audiobook" version of lessons (listen on the go to lessons instead of reading them)
  • 2020 JLPT (standardized placement tests) quizzes and full mock exams
  • 2020 Phase four specializations (language for professions, business, obscure hobbies, history, culture, etc.)

Available with the release Phase One

Looking for a lifetime subscription? We've got that, too.

Included in all plans

  • Learn to read and write Japanese

  • Advice on how to commit to your studies and stay motivated

  • Access to a friendly community

  • Light and dark mode

  • Conjugation drills

  • High-quality Japanese lessons