Studying is better with friends.

Learning a language doesn't have to be a long and lonely journey.
Not when you join the NativShark community in Discord, that is.

Meet passionate learners

Ever feel like no one around you understands what it's like to want to learn Japanese? Our friendly students are always helping each other out, whether it's with a language-related question or a question about planning a trip to Japan.

Get help when you need it

If you have a question about any aspect of the NativShark platform, you can get a much faster response by posting it in our #nativshark-tools-help or #nativshark-platform-talk channels. You can also report typos and bugs.

Discord Community Members

Talk to the NativShark team

The entire NativShark team is in our Discord community! We're ready to answer your questions, be they about the language, mindset, or the NativShark platform itself. No questions? We'd still love to have a nice, casual chat with you.
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Practice your Japanese

You can use our language-help channels when you have specific questions. We also have channels where you can practice using your target language while getting corrections and explanations. We are very appreciative that everyone is both kind and helpful in these channels.