Our Excellent Community

Come join the NativShark community in Discord!

Discord is a live chat service that allows you to communicate with not only the NativShark team, but other students in real time. You can even get into a group call and study together. We talk about all kinds of things in there, from study tips to travel stories, with many different channels dedicated to each topic.

We would love to talk to you, so please join and introduce yourself!

Passionate Learners

Our fellow learners are asking great questions and helping each other out. The journey is easier when you're not alone, and we're lucky to have students creating such a positive, motivating community.Interacting with such great people inspires us to make the best language-learning system in existence!

Help When You Need It

You can use our language-help channels when you have specific questions. We also have channels where you can practice using your target language while getting corrections and explanations. We are very appreciative that everyone is both kind and helpful in these channels.

Discord Community Members

Direct Access to the Team

The entire NativShark team is in our Discord community! We're ready to answer your questions, be they about the language, mindset, or the NativShark platform itself. No questions? We'd still love to have a nice, casual chat with you. ^_^

Unique Ways to Share

Check out our #learning-progress channel, where you can share your progress through the phases and show off how many flashcards you've done. We're also developing unique tools for sharing these types of things straight from the NativShark platform.