March 30, 2022
June 3, 2021

Speed Run 🏃‍♀️— Monthly Update, May 2021

Hey everyone, we've just finished May and now it's June 👋

May for NativShark was great. Very solid, normal, nothing crazy happened kind of month. It's pretty much taken the entire time NativShark has been a company up until now to have a month like this. I suppose that's what will start happening more and more the longer we've been a company and the more secure / stable things become. Feels good. We've been working for this 🙂

Here's some bullet points on what's up:

  • Content production is getting better and better, the hiring of new content members is working and we're hoping by summer's end we'll be coming out with up to 7 new Units per week! It's really exciting having an actual production system working, starting to see the fruits of Niko and Rei's labor starting to pay off in the form of new Units being released that are not 100% created by one of the founders. Very cool, and an incredibly crucial part of future growth, unlocking the full potential of NativShark.
  • Development has been pretty exciting. The re-write is going really well and the platform is becoming so much more stable. Right now we're working on the new progression system and it's going to be so much cooler, can't wait for students to start trying it out.
  • The community has been growing a lot lately, lot of activity in there. Some members with the community team have just started a level 2 book club for those who have been studying Japanese for a while because the level 1 book club has been going so well so far! Big exciting. Also, some really cool progress updates have been shared the past month in the #learning-progress channel. Neat to see so many people getting good, many for the first time after it having been a goal for them for many years.
  • We started a new Instagram format that I like a lot. Take a look if you'd like some extra Japanese content from us during your week: NativShark (@nativshark) • Instagram photos and videos
  • We're maintaining consistent sales growth. In May we didn't have a crazy growth month, nor did we decline, just a nice solid chunk of progress, making our way to our goals.
  • I've gotten some emails about the NativShark Podcast with Niko and I and where that's at. For the time being we're talking a break until likely July as Niko will be moving again soon and he's spending all his time working on the content system 👀

As for what's up coming, I'll defer to last months' post where I went into a bit more detail on the plan for this summer. All of that is still holding true and is under way.

That's it for the update this month! Was a quick one because NativShark is in a bit of a maturation phase. Things are going according to plan so far! Pretty cool I'd say. See you in the next one.

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