April 7, 2022

April 7, 2022 - New Flashcard Browser

Hello again everyone ✨Today's update is more important than it may seem on the surface and we are trying something new with it: releasing a video from the development team talking about the update and giving a quick overview.

As you may have noticed from the title of this update, we've decided to overhaul the flashcard browser on NativShark.

Quick Access

The first thing we wanted to do was take advantage of larger screens as well as make it easier to find the decks that you are looking for. We found that most flashcard editing and management happens on a desktop, and so we wanted to make it easy to jump between your various decks with a single click.FilterIn the image above you may have seen "Filter decks…" Some of you have quite a few decks and it can be annoying to have to scroll down to find the one you are wanting to get to. With a simple search, your desired deck will float to the top of the sidebar for you to quickly go to it.

Decks Always AvailableWhen you are on a large screen, it can be frustrating when you have real-estate that is being ignored or not properly utilized. You will now notice that you can always go to new decks, filter them, or create new decks.

Showing You What Matters

Through various feedback on Discord and via support, we've realized that the current system is really bad at telling you what is going on with a flashcard deck. Did you activate it? Can you even activate it? Where did the stuff in the deck even come from?

Deck OverviewNow the deck overview tells you what you need to know about a deck, such as:

  • If it is activated or deactivated
  • How many new cards per day the system is going to give you from the deck
  • How many cards the deck has in it, how many reviews you have, how many new cards you have, and how many archived cards you have

It also brings deck management to a single place. Whether you'd like to create a new card, change your daily new card rate, delete the deck, you can now do it all in one place.

FlashcardsWe've extended this philosophy to the flashcards as well. You can now see important data in one place:

  • What is the kanji or sentence?
  • What does it mean?
  • Where did I learn this material?
  • What is my mastery level of the material?
  • Am I actively reviewing it or is it archived?
  • When is my next review of this material?

You may also notice that archived and unarchived material is now visible at the same time. This makes it so that content isn't hidden from you and allows you to easily see all of the hard work that you've put in place. It also makes for a better searching experience. Speaking of~!

Cutting Through the Data

In addition to the changes above, we've also overhauled the filter capabilities of the flashcards. In the past, you could enter text and then toggle between seeing archived or unarchived cards that matched your query. We think our filters now are much more useful.

Your familiar search is still there, but it's a bit smarter, allowing you to search for kanji with their English meanings. We have much more plans for this, but they will come in a future update.

Filter It DownIn addition to the search box, we also have dropdowns now that allow you to quickly jump to a set of flashcards. Do you want to quickly see unarchived flashcards from Phase 2 Unit 53 that have a mastery level of 3? It's never been easier.

For now, you can filter by any combination of the following:

  • Status (archived or unarchived)
  • Phase
  • Unit
  • Mastery

If there are other filters you would like to have, let us know!

Bulk Editing

The last big change that we want to mention with this update is the ability to perform bulk actions on your flashcards.As avid flashcard users may know, it can be incredibly painful to manage a lot of flashcards at once, and it's usually not worth the hassle. If you've had an import that has messed up, you have to manually click on each card to delete it.Perhaps you were assigned kanji in your most recent unit and forgot to archive them? You either had to wait for them to come up in your reviews or go into your flashcards, try to find them, and archive them one-by-one.We're happy to announce that is no longer the case :)

Simply select the checkboxes for the flashcards you want to manage, and you'll see 3 new options appear: "Archive selected", "Unarchive selected", and "Delete selected". These options allow you to swiftly change your flashcards in ways you couldn't before.

Laying the Foundation

We've been mentioning in recent updates that we are rebuilding a lot of the foundation of NativShark to provide a better experience to you, and this update continues that tradition. There's been some behind the scenes work that you can't see yet, but once they are released you will understand why we had to update the flashcard browser.

In addition to this update, we've had some major breakthroughs in our recent design discussions about how we can change the most core parts of NativShark to enable some amazing new capabilities for everyone.

We'll be talking about that a lot more in the future, but know that these discussions couldn't have happened without every one of you pushing on us to keep getting better.

See you next time~💫

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