July 22, 2021

July 21th, 2021 - Content Fix Notes

Hey all,

Thanks for the reports as always.

Today's content fix consists of some highlighting errors and an adjustment to an explanation on how to conjugate the ~たら conditional form with verbs.

Formatting / Typos

  • Fixed a typo in the context for the よしっ!ツーショットゲット!! flashcard in Unit 203.
  • Fixed some highlighting errors in example sentences of Unit 203.
  • Fixed broken furigana in the note of the ごめん、用事が出来て飲み会行けなくなった。 flashcard.
  • Fixed broken highlighting on 改 and 漏 kanji flashcards in Unit 208.

Content Fixes

  • Adjusted an explanation in the "Forming conditionals using ~たら" lesson with verbs due to it not working with every type of verb. (Is now to conjugate the verb to past tense and add ら. Was to use the ます stem and then add たら)

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