July 9, 2021

July 8th, 2021 - Content Fix Notes

Hey everyone,

I have more content fixes fresh from the oven and mixed with あんこジャム so you know they're good.

This patch is mainly typos and kanji fixes:

Formatting / Typos

  • Fixed a potentially confusing double negative in an explanation in Unit 108, ます-stem に行く lesson.
  • Fixed a missing せ in an explanation in Unit 98's lesson "Verb stem changes"
  • The translation of the わたしは一度、ヘリコプターに乗ったことがあります。 sentence was missing an "in". (Is now "I've ridden in a helicopter")
  • Fixed a typo in an English explanation in the "お~ください" lesson. (here → hear)
  • Fixed a typo in the "Words and phrases related to New Year's" lesson.

Content Fixes

  • Removed the ゆう reading from the Onyomi section on the 夕 kanji flashcard. (Onyomi reading is セキ)
  • Fixed wrong wording in the Summary of Phase 2 Unit 32's "Requesting and receiving things with ちょうだい" lesson. (be followed by → follows)
  • Fixed a wrongly split literal breakdown in the sentence "この上着を着てみてもいいですか。" (みても → みて も)
  • Fixed a missing element ("one") in the 写 kanji flashcard.
  • Fixed missing elements and mnemonic for the 号 kanji flashcard.

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