March 19, 2021

March 18, 2021 - Patch Notes

We're back with some behind the scenes stability tweaks hot off the presses to make your experience more stable!

Bug Fixes

Assigning Units

  • Discovered an issue where our service was occasionally experiencing timeouts when talking with Google Cloud Pub/Sub, this has been addressed and units should now always be given appropriately


  • Added more logging and changed some logic to try and prevent rare cases where the system would set a student's account to free if they subscribed during their trial

Discord Streaks

  • Rewrote the logic here to work around Discord's rate limiting and made it so that roles are updated with surgical precision to only those who need adjusting, your streak should now update on Discord without you doing anything

Please note that if your streak is showing wrong in Discord, you will need to disconnect and reconnect for it to show up correctly as it will only automatically update once you reach the next threshold. In addition to that, dropping your streak will not yet remove your role in Discord, but we expect this to be in with the kana learning tool fixes next week.

Site Streaks

  • Rewrote the logic around streaks on the website to fix issues where the streak saver would not kick in or streaks would not be deactivated properly (this was caused by the system trying to do massive updates in the database at once and is now handled through batch jobs)

Up Next

The next thing we are going to be releasing (aiming for Monday, Japan time) is an update to the kana learning experience with the following objectives in mind:

  • Allow students to skip specific sections if they do not need to do them
  • Make it harder for students to accidentally skip all of the kana
  • Allow students to "unlearn" a kana set, pulling it back into their study day and allowing them to re-learn them

Once the kana set is in place, we'll be doing another pass over audio issues related to dialogues and then focusing on some usability issues on the site and some areas where furigana/mnemonic settings aren't being respected.

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