March 19, 2022

March 18, 2022 - Kanji examples and vocabulary breakdown!

Hello all!

Today we have another exciting update that's been requested for a long time – the ability to see the kanji breakdown for a word as well as the ability to see example words for kanji in our system.

Kanji Breakdown

When trying to remember vocabulary, it can be helpful to see a specific breakdown of what the kanji in the word mean – especially when you don't quite remember the meanings of those individual kanji.

When browsing your flashcard deck or reviewing vocabulary, you will now see a Kanji Breakdown on the card that shows each of the kanji in the word (in the order they appear in the word), along with the various meanings that the kanji has.

Kanji Examples

We removed the distinction between onyomi and kunyomi examples for now (once we have our full dictionary feature set up, we may add them back, though, there is a very compelling argument that on/kun isn't vital to learning in the first place, rather the existence of an example is what matters).  

You will now see a list of words and sentences using the kanji on the card, and this list will always be visible (without having to click on "Show Examples" like in the past).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the latest milestone showed badges that it did not actually include
  • Made the streak system more resilient to try and fix an issue where some streaks would not update properly


We hope that this additional data helps you better contextualize the kanji and how it's used along with breaking down the vocabulary into its finer components.

Let us know about any changes you wish to see to this system in our Discord community.

Back to work we go, see everyone again soon with more~

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