March 23, 2022

March 22, 2022 - Mastery Levels and Improvements

Hello again everyone!

Today we are back with a smaller update (which will be taken advantage of more in future updates), alongside some changes to improve the kanji breakdown/kanji examples that we added previously.

Mastery Level

Internally, NativShark maintains a "mastery level" for each flashcard that you have which is derived from various data that is stored about the flashcard. Until now, this hasn't been used for anything except the Satori Reader integration.

We have 5 mastery levels for a card, with 1 being a new card (or one that you are struggling with), and 5 being a card that you know incredibly well. Archived cards are automatically set to a mastery level of 5.

When browsing your flashcard decks now, you will notice a number at the start of each row showing the mastery level for that card.

Changes to Kanji Examples

The interface for the kanji examples has been tweaked slightly to allow students to see more sentences, as well as the context for any sentences that have it.

Multiple SentencesOne of our words will often have multiple sentences associated with it. You can now click to see all of the sentences using a word so that you can form a more complete picture of its use.

The default view
Showing all of the sentences for 里
Showing the context for the sentence カムラの里でできるよ。

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements

  • Added a loading indicator to the kanji breakdown to avoid content shifting during reviews
  • Made it so that the kanji breakdown is only retrieved when the word has kanji in it
  • Kanji examples now show up when learning new kanji
  • The kanji breakdown is now shown when learning new vocabulary
  • Fixed an issue where time spent learning new kanji and vocabulary was not being properly tracked


See everyone again soon~!

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