March 25, 2022

March 25, 2022 - New Navigation


Another change coming today ^^

Today's change may not be exciting on its own, but trust me, it lays the groundwork for some awesome stuff on the way.

Why update the navigation?

One thing that we've noticed with our old navigation was that it was hard to understand what things we offered at NativShark as well as quickly get to various parts of the site.

In addition to having troubles understanding what we offered on the site, people also had trouble keeping up with the updates. We bet you probably can't tell us how to find the list of updates on the current site ;)

Now you'll find everything in the "Library" dropdown from your flashcards to the latest updates.


You may have noticed that we now call this area of NativShark "Library" rather than "Tools". This is where you'll soon go to access the entire library of content that we have created at NativShark but that's 🤫  for now so make sure you keep this between you and I 🤐

URL Changes

One thing we want to call out for people is how some of the URLs have changed, as some users may have favorited certain pages. All of the old URLs should redirect to the new destination, but it's possible we may have missed some (let us know if we did).

Here's how the URLs have changed:

  • /tools/flashcards -> /library/flashcards
  • /tools/shadow_loops -> /library/shadow-loops
  • /tools/immersion -> /library/immersion
  • /tools/conjugator -> /library/conjugator
  • /tools/pitch ->Removed
  • /tools/stats -> /stats
  • /tools/quizzes -> /library/quizzes
  • /tools/using-nativshark -> /library/using-nativshark
  • /tools/community -> Moved to /settings/integrations

In addition to the URL changes, the Stats link has moved from the /tools page to the user dropdown in the top-right corner of the page and the Roadmap link has been removed from the /settings page.


Happy Friday, be back again soon~!

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