May 11, 2021

May 10, 2021 - Content Fix Notes

We present some 焼き立て (freshly baked) content fixes in an attempt to get some :sharkchefskiss: reactions on the discord notification

Thanks for all the reports^^

Formatting fixes / clarifications / typos

  • Made an explanation in the "Vたら (after)" lesson more clear
  • Changed the sentence fragment "コンビニに行く" to "コンビニへ行く" to match the full sentence コンビニへ行って、飲み物を買った。 in lesson "Using Vて to describe a sequence of actions" (Particle へ was swapped with に)
  • Fixed a typo in an explanation of the "Vられませんでした:was not able to VERB" lesson.
  • Fixed a typo in the word "negotiation" on the 話を進める vocab flashcard.
  • Fixed some copy formatting involving em dashes on the 衣 kanji flashcard note.

Content corrections

  • 違う vocab flashcard literal for 全然 updated to "completely" to help prevent confusion in the positive sentence context. (Full sentence is "全然違うよ")
  • 肥 kanji flashcard now properly has "to" in front of the example verb "肥える" definitions.
  • 納 kanji flashcard now properly has "to" in front of the example verb "納める" definitions.
  • Fixed a missing definition for "なになに"
  • Fixed a swapped element for the kanji 貴 flashcard. ("in" was improperly set to "inside")

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