May 18, 2021

May 17, 2021 - Content Fix Notes

Hey all,

We've taken care of some of the kanji issues and element mixups.

As always, thanks for the reports. More corrections on the way soon as we get more reports of cases on our feedback site.

Formatting fixes / clarifications / typos

  • 争 kanji flashcard example 争う now properly has "to" in front of its definitions.
  • 遺 kanji flashcard example 遺す now properly has "to" in front of its definition.
  • 健康 now has proper highlighting on its flashcard and shows in the lesson preview.
  • Fixed a typo in the "Vてんの? and other morphing sounds" lesson.
  • Fixed some typos in the JLPT help article:
  • Fixed a typo in the note of the 割れる vocab flashcard.

Content corrections

  • 約 kanji elements now properly show "wrap, dot" instead of the incorrect element "measurement." Mnemonic updated to reflect this change.
  • Fixed a literal that was split incorrectly in the sentence "肥満って遺伝するんだってよ。". Is now correctly んだ and って instead of ん and だって.
  • 起 kanji element know properly uses the element "self" (己) instead of "oneself" (which is 自)
  • Fixed a the hover-over image for "oneself" (自) improperly showing as the "self" (己) hover-over image.
  • Fixed missing elements and mnemonic on 離 kanji flashcard.
  • Fixed the reading of 懲り懲り in the 癖 kanji flashcard example sentence. Was こりこり, is now properly こりごり.
  • Fixed missing elements and mnemonic on 妻 kanji flashcard.

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