May 3, 2021

May 2, 2021 - Content Fix Notes

A fresh batch of content fixes is out now, thank you for all the reports!

Formatting fixes

  • Fixed broken furigana in the sentence note for 食後は1本吸いたくなるよね。
  • 草むしり now has proper highlighting on the vocab card and lesson card.
  • 急ぐ vocab flashcard now properly shows the translation.
  • Fixed a typo in the summary of the "とき (when)" lesson.
  • 右 vocab card now has proper highlighting.
  • Fixed missing literals in the sentence こいつ等どうします?殺します?
  • Fixed missing literals and formality marker (is now "Casual") in the sentence そんなに茹でたら旨み全部逃げちゃわない?

Content corrections

  • Furigana for お父ちゃま in the dialogue sentence お父ちゃまから返事来た? is now properly とう (was ちち)
  • おすすめはありますか? formality is now properly set to "Formal" (was "Casual").
  • 沖縄どうでしたか?暑かったですか?formality is now properly set to "Formal" (was "Casual").
  • 垂 now has an element and mnemonic.
  • 初めましての直後に告白された literal breakdown now shows all words properly.
  • 兄の会社で働いてます literal breakdown now shows all words properly.
  • Fixed extra が's in Deep Look in the word お下がりください (furigana had "さが" when it should only be "さ")
  • Fixed a typo in the translation of そんなに茹でたら旨み全部逃げちゃわない? (lost → lose)

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