May 25, 2021

May 24, 2021 - Content Fix Notes

Hey all,

Today's patch is mainly fixing some missing things like furigana and some typos. These typos are like popcorn; no matter how well you cook it, there will always be another kernel to pop :shark_pain:

Formatting fixes / clarifications / typos

  • Fixed a minor typo in the summary of the lesson "~くなる (become)."
  • Fixed a typo in the definition of 浮気. (foolding around → fooling around)
  • Fixed a missing literal for "くださいました" in the sentence "小児科の先生が娘にチョコレートをくださいました。"
  • Fixed a minor typo in the "Getting used to seeing kanji you can't read" lesson.
  • Fixed missing furigana on the note of the ~人 vocab flashcard.
  • Fixed the mnemonic of 鼻 being duplicated as a note.

Content corrections

  • Fixed missing furigana on Unit 154's Dialogue. (お目々 only showed the first め).
  • Fixed wrong furigana of 景子 on the note of 一問一答 vocab flashcard. (けいご → けいこ)

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