October 5, 2021

October 5th, 2021 - Content Fix Notes

Hey everyone,

Today's content fixes consist of some quick typos across some lessons and further fixes for the kanji highlighting. If you find any kanji missing highlighting in the "fully fixed" section, please let me know!

Typo fixes:

  • Fixed an extra み in the furigana of 天照大神 in the lesson "Words and phrases related to New Year's"
  • Fixed a typo in the English of "Giving & receiving with Vてあげる・Vてくれる・Vてもらう" lesson.
  • Fixed a typo in the English of "お~ください" lesson
  • Fixed a typo in the English of しろ《命令》" lesson"
  • Fixed a typo in the context of the "う・・・動かぬ・・・!" flashcard

Content clarifications / fixes:

  • Added a literal to 一か八か, which was missing one.

Kanji highlighting fully fixed: 貨 追 在 係 破 吹 童 限 退 節 宮 触 丼 痩 区 労 産 奥 島 想 畑 票 暗 砂 波 効 裕 祝 珍 配 数 位 肺 研 右 敬 紀 村 挙 述 左 塩 倉 放 胃 容 整 応 旧

Partially fixed: 就 豊 断 興 済 液 第 照 若 額

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